13 March 2020
SACMI acquires Velomat

SACMI acquires Velomat

On February 19, the SACMI Group acquired Velomat, leader in the design and construction of high-speed assembly machines since 1986.

This acquisition is part of a broader strategy by SACMI – the world’s leading provider of closures-beverage solutions – to expand and diversify its offer in a sector with a very strong request regarding the evolution of its products and technologies.

Velomat is well known for its advanced solutions in the assembly of small and micro components in sectors such as:
  • Closures
  • Beauty & Home
  • Pharma.
Velomat has a strong ability to develop and build complex and flexible systems using robust and tested platforms. An international Global Network and a scale economy will add value to Velomat in the development of new solutions for high speed assembly automation, therefore completing the range of SACMI products in the primary packaging sector.

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