Velomat also provides added value as a trusted technical partner, designing and constructing turnkey systems and innovative solutions that meet - and exceed - the customers’ requirements.

Each assembly system is developed according to the customer’s specific needs. We pay careful attention to their production requirements, using standard systems and special application-specific components.

Velomat’s partners focus on excellence and success. They pursue these goals by establishing close relationships with the customers' product and process engineering teams, helping them handle emerging challenges with state-of-the-art solutions.


  • Caps and Closures
  • Cosmetics - Home Care
  • Electric - Electronic
  • Pharmaceutical


In the automatic assembly industry, Velomat is synonymous with quality, innovation and reliability. Over 600 systems have been designed, built and installed in Italy, Germany, France, UK, Ireland, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, Poland, Romania, USA, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Iran, Turkey and India. Thanks to output rates of up to 1500 pieces/minute, these assembly systems guarantee customers a significant competitive advantage. Moreover, average ROI times are less than 18 months and, with continuous-motion machines, sometimes less than 12 months.


The UNI EN ISO 9001:2008-certified production process undergoes real-time monitoring via an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. It consist of the following main stages:


All design work is done internally by the technical department. Design sometimes proceeds in parallel with development of the product to be assembled. The department designs solutions that maximise performance, ensuring even the most demanding customers remain satisfied.


Made-to-specification mechanical parts are constructed by highly skilled certified partners. Every single component has a unique ID to allow full traceability of production processes and dimensional tests.


The use of high-tech control systems - and highly experienced technicians - ensures that each stage of mechanical and electrical assembly is performed with outstanding precision.

Tuning and testing

This last stage demands excellence and mechanical precision. It is entrusted to highly qualified technicians with many years’ experience. The outcome? A high quality, efficient, fast assembly machine that ensures lasting reliability and performance.


Originally founded as Europe Packaging on 19 February 1986, the company changed its name to TES in 1989 before becoming Velomat in 2012. Velomat designs and builds high-speed, automatic, turnkey assembly systems to the highest quality and technology standards. Its machines are designed for fast assembly of small and medium-sized components.

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Once a new project begins, our PM liaises with all the involved departments and ensures the project meets all requirements. Each stage ends with a meeting with the Customer (preferably in person) and all the tasks needed to ensure compliance with the Gantt Chart and contractual obligations are planned. Project management is cloud-based: this allows us to share all project info in ‘real time’, with all company departments and the customer.


Code of Ethics

SACMI gives importance and is constantly committed to the correctness and continuous improvement of professional relationships with partners, employees, customers, partners, suppliers, institutions and competitors.

For this reason, in 2005 SACMI Imola adopted a Code of Ethics expressing its ethical commitments and responsibilities, which all collaborators must comply with when conducting business and company activities.

This document constitutes a reference for all those who collaborate with the Cooperative, and in the first place for those who are called upon to govern, administer and manage it. The Code of Ethics is also a reference point for the companies of the SACMI Network, which are called upon to implement it also, if necessary, adapting it to individual company specificities.


Code of Ethics

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