Velomat, with over 30 years of experience, is a leader in the design and construction of high-speed assembly machines for closures caps, micro-pumps, medical equipment, automotive components and connectors.


Velomat is a world leader in the continuous motion automatic assembly technology with speed that arrives up to 1500 pieces/min. Velomat also features high-performance index modules with cam technology or totally electronic driven.


Velomat is an innovative company in designing and manufacturing turnkey automatic systems for high-speed and high-volume assembly.

Since 1986 – high speed assembly machines –
we build competitive advantage for our Customers.

Easy to use
High production speed
High precision
High accuracy
Low operating costs
Innovative technologies
Advance controls
Construction quality
High reliability
Over 30 years of experience

High production speed

continuous kinematics
(production rate ppm)

rotating table
(production rate ppm)

index linear
(production rate ppm)

Customer Care

Velomat guarantees its customers during the entire lifecycle of its machines and equipment, after-sales service managed by highly experienced technicians providing all the support needed to maintain the plants or to receive rapid and decisive reparations.

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