1986 - Joining experiences, a group of professionals in industrial automation founded the Company EP, “Europe Packaging”. The company was born in the automotive sector designing and manufacturing machinery for the handling and processing of automotive rubber components.

1988 - EP enters the assembly automation sector and the cosmetic sector by developing the first continuous-motion machine for the assembly of a cosmetic pump.

1989 - Europe Packaging and SAR, (now Aptar Chieti (NYSE: ATR)), form TES, a company dedicated to assembly automation.



1991 - TES has become the main micro-pumps machine supplier of Aptar Chieti (NYSE: ATR).

1992 - TES enters the electronic sector making an automatic mouse assembly line in Cork (Ireland) Giacomo Marini (co-founder of Logitech) becomes a TES investor.

1994 - TES enters the pharmaceutical sector making a nasal dispenser assembly machine for Dispray (now Aptar Chieti (NYSE: ATR). Giacomo Marini becomes a TES Chairman.

1995 - TES develops the first continuous motion machine with a cycle of 300 pcs/min. The machine in still fully operational.

1996 - TES incorporates the first integrated control with vision system on a continuous motion machine with speed up to 300 pcs/min.

1997 - TES enters the electrical sector with a high-speed bulb-holder assembly machine.

1998 - TES develops a flex feeder with parallel kinematic robot.

1999 - TES develops its first index standard assembly module VELOMAT 1000.



2000 - TES builds the 10th machine working with a VELOMAT 1000 module with a speed up to 80 cyclesminute.

2001 - TES reaches the speed of 1.000 pcs/min with a leakage-test machine.

2002 - TES enters the closures sector making a complete continuous motion line for Guala Closures, a world leading company in liquor security closures production.

2003 - TES developes I-Flex, a Linear Base Machine with free pallets technology. The new platform is used to make an automotive battery terminal assembly machine for MTA, a leading company in automotive electrical devices. TES enters the connectors sector building two connectors’ assembly Velomat-based machines for Tyco Electronic Belgium.

2005 - TES enters the Brazilian market with a Velomat-based VP4 pump final assembly machine for Valois Brazil.

2007 - TES enters the caps sector with fruit juice caps, designing an assembly line for Tetra Pak. The line combines a robotic technology for the demoulding of the parts to be assembled, a pallet line conveyor and a high-speed Velomat-based assembly machine. TES produces the first assembly machine that reaches 1000 pcs/min.

2008 - TES enters the ceramic fuses sector with two Velomat-based assembly machines for Ferraz Shawmut (now Mersen), a world leading company in the production of electrical devices located in France.

2009 - TES makes an innovative continuous-motion assembly line with a speed of 600 parts/min for lotion pumps.

2010 - TES develops the first continuous motion machine which combines the technology of continuous motion machines and free pallet lines for the assembly of lotion pump with a high-speed assembly and a sophisticated tracking system of semi-defective pallets.



2012 - TES becomes VELOMAT and continues the business in high-performance assembly automation systems, relying on the same management and technical resources. (“VELOMAT” was previously the brand of the standard assembly machine platforms developed by TES).

2015 - ​Velomat moves in a new plant. Due to the market expansion and businees growth Velomat moves in a new bigger facility. The new plant is located in Santa Teresa di Spoltore, not far from the old one and has a net surface of 3500 sqm.



On February 19, the SACMI Group acquired Velomat, leader in the design and construction of high-speed assembly machines since 1986. This acquisition is part of a broader strategy by SACMI – the world’s leading provider of closures-beverage solutions – to expand and diversify its offer in a sector with a very strong request regarding the evolution of its products and technologies.

Velomat is well known for its advanced solutions in the assembly of small and micro components in sectors such as Closures, Beauty & Home and Pharma. Velomat has a strong ability to develop and build complex and flexible systems using robust and tested platforms.

An international Global Network and a scale economy will add value to Velomat in the development of new solutions for high speed assembly automation, therefore completing the range of SACMI products in the primary packaging sector.

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