We produces assembly machines which use one of the following four standard mechanical systems:

  • Continuous motion machine featuring high productivity up to 1,500 pieces/min. We have an advanced technological know-how and an important market leadership in this type of systems;
  • Rotary index machine up to 150 pieces/min assembled and tested;
  • Linear index machine up to 40 mechanical stations driven by a single motor, up to 60 cycles/min;
  • Free pallet line up to 60 cycles/min, with a series of automatica, semi-automatci, or manual stations linked by a chain conveyor.

These machines can assemble micro, small and medium size products, such as perfume and pharmaceutical pumps, spray caps, closure caps, airbags, electrical switches, circuit breakers, etc.
We provide solutions to various markets, in which: personal care, pharmaceutical,  electrical, electronic, automotive, and many others.
In the Cosmetic and Medical sector our machines are used to assemble dispensers and micro-pumps.
In the Closures and mass market products sector, the assembly concerns caps and security closures, toys etc.
In the Electrical and electronic field, we produce machines for fast assembly of ceramic fuses and multi-format ceramic fuses, terminals, Connectors, switches etc.
In the Automotive and mechanical industry our machines are used to assembly engine parts, alternators, starter motors, safety belts etc.