We have been producing machines and lines in the micro-pump sprayers field for over 30 years.

The range of machines include:

  • Module assembly machines
  • Finishing Machines
  • Sealing control machines

The module assembly machines are typically continuous kinematic which can assemble up to 800 pieces per minute and also assemble 8 small or very small components. Often there are springs to be supplied and assembled, all can be achieved with Velomat patented systems.

Finishing machines are made with index technology producing up to 150 pieces per minute or continuous technology producing up to 500 pieces per minute.

The index technology is used when on a single machine various product families are assembled.

In this case Velomat equips its machines with sophisticated rapid changeover systems.

In continuous kinematic machines for Leakage Tests, up to 1000 pieces per minute are controlled with advanced pneumatic techniques and in some cases also the pumping functionality is tested.