Velomat in this sector has a more than thirty years of experience: this has enabled over the years the development of standard platforms which have now reached the third generation.

The index Velomat modules are fully mechanical and are divided into two families:

  • Index module 1150 – independent shafts – each station realizes a different kinematic of the end effector although the machine is operated by a single motor. The arms are moved by a pair of globoidal cams that perform of a cycle of whatever complexity and allow to realize mounting cycles not achievable with normal pick & place. The Velomat 1150 modules reach speeds of 120 cycles per minute. As of today there are over 250 of those modules operating in all parts of the world.
  • Index Module 500 – the operating arms are actuated simultaneously by two oscillating disks; the whole machine is also operated in this case by a single motor. The Velomat 500 module allows to approach assembly problems where the cost and the overall dimensions of the machine are crucial design parameters.