In the case of needs related to the layout and the accessibility of the machine, Velomat provides assembly solutions based on linear index with two different technologies:

  • Classical solution made up of a chain moved by an indexer synchronized with the transmission of the pick and place.
    The arms are actuated by a pair of flat cams which allow the realization of even the most complex pick and place cycles. The linear index platform is often used when the assembly of more than two components per cycle are needed and when there are many the parts to be assembled. The typical of this platform is 50-60 parts per minute.
  • Solution based on Velomat V-Flex: promiscuous module that moves free pallets on one side and synchronized pallets on the opposite side. The pallets are also synchronous with the transmission of the manipulators so as to achieve a mechanical phasing of operations. The V-Flex module is very useful when you have the need to combine the classic assembly operations with a longer cycle time. In fact, it is possible to parallelise these operations on the section with free pallets regrouping two or more pallets. The typical speed of the V-Flex is 40-60 parts per minute.