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Rotary index machines
Linear index machines
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VELOMAT is an innovative company in designing and manufacturing turnkey automatic systems for high-speed and high-volume assembly.


We produces assembly machines which use one of the following four standard mechanical systems: Continuous motion machine, Rotary index machine, Linear index machine, Free pallet line.


These machines can assemble micro, small and medium size products, such as perfume and pharmaceutical pumps, spray caps, closure caps, airbags, electrical switches, circuit breakers, etc.

Since 1986 - high speed assembly machines -
we build competitive advantage for our Customers.


easy to use
high production speed
high precision
high accuracy
low operating costs
innovative technologies
advanced controls
construction quality
high reliability
over 30 years of experience

High production speed

continuous kinematics (production rate ppm)
rotating table (production rate ppm)
index linear (production rate ppm)

Customer Service

In our Customer service, VELOMAT provides the Customer with a team of specialized technicians to provide a service able to meet the requests and resolve the different criticisms related to the lines installed in operations.

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